TorGuard VPN Review 2016

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TorGuard VPN Review

Contrary to popular belief, TorGuard VPN’s name is not derived from any associations with the anonymity network Tor. The name is actually a reference to the fact that the VPN is supposedly great for torrenting. VPN TorGuard backs up this claim with a “no logs” policy which helps it protect all P2P downloaders. Other notable features of this VPN service include fantastic performance speeds, along with an affordable proxy service that acts as a backup in cases where the VPN may fail.

TorGuard is indeed a solid VPN provider, but let’s find out more about this renowned service in this TorGuard VPN review. Let’s have a look!

Features and Pricing

TorGuard Pricing

TorGuard anonymous VPN costs a flat-out $9.99 monthly fee. Of course, a VPN and anonymous proxy bundle is also available for an added dollar ($10.99). Due to TorGuard’s primary focus on torrenting, this is definitely a worthwhile added investment since it enables the users to configure their torrent client to stay connected through a SOCKS5 proxy. The TorGuard dedicated IP masks their actual IP address even when the connection to the VPN goes down. You should keep in mind that the connection isn’t encrypted.

TorGuard Features

Apart from that, you’ll find TorGuard stealth VPN service filled with features. The service provides support for IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. The company also provides stealth VPN. It’s important to note that the service allows up to 5 connections simultaneously, which is great if you want to connect all your devices.

TorGuard Server Locations

TorGuard Server Locations

While I can’t confirm which is the fastest TorGuard server, I can definitely tell you that TorGuard DNS servers are spread across 42 countries. The TorGuard VPN server list includes UK, Russia, Germany Canada, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, among several more. That’s a handful of TorGuard servers if you ask me.

Useful Tools

The company offers their own OpenVPN client (which is called TorGuard Lite) for Mac OSX and Windows. Additionally, they also have an Android app which is available on the Google Play store. The custom Lite app is quite simple to use and you’ll find it quite handy. Do keep in mind that the Android app only works for devices which have an Android version of 4.0 or above. For older devices, you can manually install an older app through an .apk file.

TorGuard Customer SupportCustomer Support

Customer support is available through a ticketed emailing system which is always available. Other sources for support include a basic knowledgebase, a telephone line
(which is toll-free for customers in the US), as well as a Live Chat app.

Performance and Speed

I’m not going to confuse you with any numbers regarding TorGuard speed, but I can tell you that my experience browsing the Web using TorGuard was definitely positive. While surfing seems slower than usual, the streaming definitely takes the cake. If you use Netflix, you’ll note a crisp and fast experience in fantastic HD video. As far as YouTube is concerned, the videos will play in HD by default.

TorGuard speed

Final Verdict





I’ll conclude this TorGuard review by exclaiming that TorGuard VPN certainly offers a decent package. First things first: the service is affordable. The performance is also very good, but you should know it is prone to dropping during peak times on some occasions. Of course, strong encryption remains only limited to a few severs and the software provided by the company is quite basic, but these flaws can be overlooked thanks to the exceptional privacy TorGuard can provide you.

TorGuard VPN download

If you’re looking for a TorGuard VPN download, before paying for the TorGuard setup, you should know there’s a TorGuard free trial available, in case you want to try it.

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