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Golden Frog VyprVPN Review

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A Detailed Overview of Golden Frog’s VyprVPN

VyprVPN 50% OFFGolden Frog VyprVPN is an IP proxy service which helps you protect your identity and hide your own IP address while you are browsing online. Golden Frog has considerable resources in the form of countless IP addresses and a sizeable network of servers, which is why the company is able to provide a complete product in the form of VyprVPN, with friendly and personalized service.

Here, we will have a detailed VprVPN review and discuss some important features of this IP proxy service.

Security Features

Why Use a VPN?

VyprVPN’s security features are quite decent. It is equipped with both TSL and SSL encryptions. Furthermore, it has a 128 bit encryption as well, which enables faster connection timings. Apart from that, if you are looking for the fastest VPN, VyprVPN servers also provide 256 bit encryption in case you require added security for transferring data and browsing purposes. The 256 bit encryption is highly secure. In fact, it is used by government bodies for protecting their confidential data.

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The protocol used by VyprVPN includes OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Chameleon, which is its very own proprietary software. Chameleon is among the only VPNs which can work in China and are capable of bypassing strict firewalls established by the Chinese government.

Options for Support and Help

VyprVPN 50 Percent Off Month OneThe options for support and help that VyprVPN provides are definitely impressive. You can get in touch with a representative of the company 24/7. As such, if you face any kind of issues with the service connection, you always have some available for help.

Another good thing about the help and support offered by the company is that there are minimal wait times. This means that it doesn’t take long for your problem to be addressed. Whenever you contact them via call, live chat, or email, a representative will be quick to respond with the answer you’re looking for.

Golden Frog further offers a knowledge base which covers a range of proxy services. The official blog of the company announces changes and updates to the products while also providing information regarding online security overall. They also have a community forum which is accessible via the company’s official website, where clients can discuss any issues and interact.


Vyprvpn Dashboard

You will find the dashboard of VyprVPN quite user friendly. Signing up and logging in are both quite simple and hassle-free options. It is considerably easy to log in to their online dashboard. This is the place from where you can download the software conveniently and start using it.

VyprVPN Server Locations

If you are wondering about VyprVPN server locations, well then with the user interface, choosing a server by location is also very straightforward. You can choose locations and add them to your favorites tab, which is why accessing them repeatedly is a piece of cake. The dashboard also provides server statistics, the type of encryption bit and protocol you’re using, and the time you’ve been connected to the service.

Vyprvpn server location

Need to know about the VyprVPN server list? The web proxy has over 700 servers, which are all spread out across 52 locations. Moreover, there are about 200,000 IP addresses as well. Thanks to so many IP addresses, it makes it impossible for any of them to be flagged as suspicious by social media platforms such as Facebook, or search engines such as Google. Of course, no company will be able to guarantee that their IP addresses won’t ever get blocked, but a higher amount of IP addresses makes it less likely for any of them to end up getting blocked.

Vyprvpn server location list

What’s more, the proxy software allows you to simultaneously run two devices on a single account. This is highly beneficial in case you are looking to run more than one device on a proxy. The experts at Golden Frog understand that the modern day user can require multi-device functionality, which is why they have offered this feature.

VypVPN Pricing

Vyprvpn pricing

Final Words

Vyprvpn Supported Platforms

Needless to say, VyprVPN provides countless IP addresses to help you protect your own identity. It also has a wide range of servers spread strategically across the world. It is considerably easy to set up your account and log in, which makes using this VPN software highly convenient. You will have no trouble while downloading this software any connecting to any remote server. Lastly, once the Golden Frog VyprVPN software has been installed and set up, you will find it significantly straightforward to browse the World Wide Web in a secure and private manner.

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All in all, if you are looking for the fastest VPN service, it is definitely suggested that you download VyprVPN to find out what’s it really like to have a significantly speedy proxy software.

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