ExpressVPN Review 2017

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Express VPN review

ExpressVPN is highly regarded as a standout VPN software, and this is all due to the exceptional amount of features this tool offers, including unparalleled speed, security, as well as support. If you are looking to find out exactly why this service is mostly touted among the industry leading VPNs, then this detailed Express VPN Review will be of significant help to you. Let’s have a look!



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Features and Security

As far as the features of Express VPN Software are concerned, you will be pleased to find out there are several of them that exceed expectations. One essential aspect of any VPN service you need to consider before purchasing it, is the server availability. The dispersion of all servers geographically along with the amount of servers that are provided by the VPN service provider certainly play an important role in helping you make your purchase decision.

No 1 Trusted VPNWith this VPN, you don’t need to worry if you are living in a country which isn’t mostly covered by other VPN providers, since Express VPN server locations happen to be strategically spread across 78 countries. As such, staying connected to your preferred location and availing unbelievable ExpressVPN speed is definitely out of question.

Learn more about VPN – Take A TourIf global server outreach could decide the fate of a VPN software, then ExpressVPN would definitely be regarded as the best VPN service. Another exciting fact about this service provider is that the number of cities their range of Express VPN servers is divided into goes well over a hundred. This is how this feature makes sure you enjoy the utmost in terms of privacy since you have full liberty to stay connected to any server of your choice, resultantly masking your actual IP.

Express VPN Server LocationsIn case the vast amount of options available for servers aren’t enough, this VPN service provides one of the most comprehensive software currently available on the VPN market. Whether you install the Express VPN software on your PC or get the Express VPN app on your smartphone, you will find out that the service provider pays the same amount of attention to all of its versions.

It is definitely pleasing that ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN as its default encryption protocol. This ensures that you get the best as far as security is concerned. Of course, you can also use L2TP or PPTP as per your preference, or in cases where the speed concerns make these two protocols the better choice.

Express VPN Setup TutorialsOpenVPN encryption uses the upgraded heavyweight SHA 512 and 4096-bit for the authentication, along with AES-256 bit CBC for the purposes of stream encryption. As far as the level of encryption is concerned, it is certainly enough for almost all purposes. It is also significantly better if you compare it with other service providers. One thing is for certain, security is given its due importance by ExpressVPN.

It is interesting to note that ExpressVPN is based in BVI (British Virgin Islands), and as such, it isn’t under any strict jurisdiction of US and EU Data Retention laws. Only a minimal amount of connection logs are kept (just like all other providers), whereas the whole service runs on shared IP addresses.

High Speed Premium VPNThere are several reasons as to why you should consider buying this VPN, and the most significant of them are censorship, security, and privacy. The availability of a vast amount of servers along with their strategic geographic dispersion provides broader access to all sorts of geo-restricted content. All in all, ExpressVPN can be regarded as an effective tool through which you can cope with all censorship issues.

Pricing & Plans

Express VPN Plans and PricingExpress VPN Plans and Pricing are quite similar to most VPN providers, as there are three subscription levels available. Regardless of the length of any particular plan, you can rest assured that you’ll get a consistent amount of benefits.

Guard Your Online IdentityOffer pricing similarly to most providers with three subscription levels. No matter the length of a particular plan, the benefits are consistent across the board. One thing you should definitely know is the fact that if you are looking for Express VPN discount, it is suggested that you register for a whole year and get a hefty discount. Of course, that is if you are completely satisfied with the plan and service and consider using the VPN solution for long term.

Download Express VPNThe payment options are aplenty as you can choose from 23 of them. Whether you are looking for complete anonymity or are more focused towards convenience, you can find a suitable payment option while purchasing ExpressVPN.

All in all ExpressVPN can be rounded off as a highly useful VPN service which puts a primary focus on software, performance, as well as support. You should consider checking out the service provider’s official website, where you will be able to download Express VPN and try it out on your own.

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