Best VPN for Windows

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Best VPN for Windows

Windows has always been the most extensively used operating system across the world. However, one downside to its usage is that it is the least private out of all the operating systems available. This, combined with the fact that overreaching governments are constantly spying on people all across the globe, it is certainly important to use the best VPN software for Windows.

It goes without saying that Windows is the most successful operating system ever. But this doesn’t stop it from having all kinds of security vulnerabilities, as discovered by security experts around the world. Even if you might have the settings of your Windows set up properly for maximizing security and privacy, it is still significantly essential for you to use a VPN client for Windows. Several security concerns that have always haunted Windows usage are still present to this day, even if you set up all the settings correctly. Due to this, you are at a constant risk on a routine basis.

Best VPNs For Windows For 2016:

Rank: #1


Per Month

* 137+ Servers in 87 Countries


* 3 Multi Logins - AUTHOR CHOICE

* Download (34.5mbs) Upload (32.4/mbs)

* 256 Encryption Protocols

Rank: #2


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #3


Per Month

* 1600+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

* Unlimited Speeds

* Unlimited Bandwidth

* 50+ Countries

* FREE 24/7 365 Support

Rank: #4


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #5


Per Month

* Fast 880+ servers in 210+ Countries

* Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN

* No Multi Logins

* Download (29.5mbs) Upload (25.4mbs)

* 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

Rank: #6


Per Month

* 550+ servers in 49+ countries

* 6 Simultaneous Connection

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* Download (32.5mbs) Upload (28.4/mbs)

* Get 50% Discount COUPON ( 50off )

Rank: #7


Per Month

1200+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

Rank: #8


Per Month

* Unlimited data

* Tunnel on any 5 computers or mobile devices simultaneously

* Browse privately 24/7

* Block website trackers

Rank: #9


Per Month

* Servers in 11 countries

* iOS & Android apps are available

* No live chat available.

* No multi-logins available

* Available for desktop & mobile

Rank: #10


Per Month

* 30+ Locations

* Unrestricted Bandwidth

* Unrestricted Date Transfer

* All Protocols

* 3 Device Connections

What to Consider When Getting a VPN for Windows

There are several factors which you need to consider while you are setting up a secure Windows operating system. Specifically since Windows comes in with a variety of security flaws built in. For this reason, I cannot recommend enough that you make sure to do whatever you can to understand everything about VPN for windows. You should consider looking at all the options equally and then make a smart decision to get a VPN for Windows 8 or whichever version you have.

Set Up Guide for VPNs on Windows

Despite the fact that setting up VPNs is quite straightforward, you will still require several things before you properly set up your Windows VPN server. Most of these details require being collected from the VPN provider that you have decided to go with. These can include:

  • The address or server name of the VPN
  • VPN protocol (which is usually PPTP but might differ in a few cases)
  • Username/password (for connecting to the VPN server)

If you need to use a specific connection name, then you’ll require this information from your provider as well. Alternatively, if you can connect through a user generated name then it is recommended that you do so. In case your VPN server for Windows needs manual configuration of proxy settings, then you’ll need to know your port number and IP for proxy.

How to Test Your VPN’s Performance

Once you have everything up and running, you should check to find out if you are receiving all the things that you were promised. Primarily, there are two ways to achieve this: Speedtest and IP check. It is always recommended that you quickly check on your VPN provider’s trustworthiness. Are you being offered the proper IP cloaking protection along with the speeds that were promised?

The good thing is that Speed tests are relatively quick and quite easy on a VPN client for Windows 7 64 bit. All you need to do is go to and go to “Combined” to check the upload and download speeds of your VPN client. Furthermore, it is also important to find out whether your IP address is leaking out and rendering the VPN client useless. To verify, you can check and

Final Words

So whether you need a VPN client for Windows 7 or a VPN client Windows 8, it is essential for you to understand the security concerns of the Windows operating system. Needless to say, with a reliable VPN client, your experience using Windows will certainly be a secure and positive one.

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