Best VPN for USA

Best VPN for USA

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Theoretically speaking, as a US citizen, you are supposed to enjoy a completely uncensored version of the Internet (except the illegal stuff of course) on top of well-built constitutional protections from exceedingly intrusive surveillance from your own government. However, courtesy of Edward Snowden, we all know that the latter is quite untrue.

While uncovering the best VPN for USA in this article, I will also unveil a variety of issues which should significantly concern all the US citizens who are worried about their privacy. This includes the unconstitutional and overweening mass surveillance carried out by the NSA (plus various government bodies) on US citizens, the considerably aggressive stance against piracy taken by copyright holders, and whether the United States is the right place for a privacy company (VPN provider) to be operating out of.

Best VPN Service Provider for USA

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Common Issues Due to Which Using a USA VPN Service is Necessary

The National Security Agency (NSA) uses legislation and numerous other legal loopholes to spy on nearly everything any US citizen is doing on the Internet. What’s more, when such measures prove insufficient for collecting personal data that the NSA craves, the agency and several other US government bodies resort to simply breaking the law, and later on lying to cover it up so they can continue spying. Due to this it is extremely essential that you use a top US VPN to keep yourself protected.

Best USA VPN to Overcome Censorship

As far as technicalities are concerned, the only sites that are banned in the US are the ones promoting obvious crime (such as child pornography or terrorism). However, in 2014, the US was added to the list of “Enemies of the Internet” by RWB (Reporters Without Borders). This is a category of nations that have the highest levels of Internet surveillance and censorship.

Moreover, while websites that are perfectly legal and deal with how you can evade censorship and surveillance while improving  your internet security aren’t actively censored across the US, if you visit them (or even search for them) the NSA can very well become actively interested in you!

Copyright Enforcement and US VPN Service

Apart from government surveillance, US citizens using the Internet also require contending with an aggressively pro-copyright and significantly well-funded lobby which exerts its substantial influence and power for making the World Wide Web less free due to copyright protection.

Unlike the European countries, US providers largely resist demands to censor all streaming websites, BitTorrent websites, and all other content regarded as facilitating or promoting copyright infringement. However, most of the large ISPs (Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cablevison, AT&T) have all been pressurized to implement the CAS (Copyright Alert System).

In short, the excessively common practice of copyright infringement can result in the offenders being required to pay cash settlements (which can be well worth thousands of dollars) or carry out significantly costly legal proceedings. No wonder you should use a VPN for America!

So What Can You Do to Save Yourself?

In case you’re concerned regarding your Internet activities being spied upon by the government (which you definitely should be!), then we strongly suggest that you use the best VPN USA and avoid any USA VPN server. Apart from that, if your main concern for using a VPN IP USA is for downloading content through P2P, then a US-based VPN provider can be of considerable help to you as it will provide you maximum protection against surveillance.

All in all, as long as you have a fast USA VPN you can rest assured and enjoy a fantastic online experience no matter wherever you may be in the United States.

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