Best VPN for UK In 2016

Best VPN for UK In 2016

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In the United Kingdom, virtual private networks have been around for a while and are now establishing themselves as part of the mainstream digital buzz. British citizens are well aware of the fact that VPNs help in to unblock UK content (whether it has been blocked by the government, an ISP, or any geographical restrictions). Needless to say, unblocking the censored websites is the major factor that contributes for the popularity of UK VPN services across the United Kingdom.

Here’s Another Reason Why British Citizens Need the Best UK VPN

The desirability of a UK VPN doesn’t just end here. New surveillance laws have been passed in Britain, and digital privacy has essentially been destroyed as a result. This is the major reason behind the huge boom in the amount of Brits who are turning to the best VPN for UK. However, as far as new users are concerned, the stress of coming across VPNs can definitely take its toll.

Why It’s So Difficult to Choose a UK VPN Server

New VPN users are baffled simply due to the fact that there are more than 800 VPN services to choose from in the market. The differences between all these options are technical and require you to have some sort of understanding about the key features of the best VPN in UK. But you need not worry, as I’m here to give you all the information you need.

What Is the Best VPN to Unblock Websites in UK?

What exactly makes any VPN reliable? Are there VPNs out there that are downright atrocious? What are the features of a VPN that make it worth it? And which of these are extremely important? These are some of the reasonable queries that can arise in any budding VPN enthusiast. If you’re new to using virtual private networks, then I would certainly recommend you do ample research and find out the answers.

Rank: #1


Per Month

* 137+ Servers in 87 Countries


* 3 Multi Logins - AUTHOR CHOICE

* Download (34.5mbs) Upload (32.4/mbs)

* 256 Encryption Protocols

Rank: #2


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #3


Per Month

* 1600+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

* Unlimited Speeds

* Unlimited Bandwidth

* 50+ Countries

* FREE 24/7 365 Support

Rank: #4


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #5


Per Month

* Fast 880+ servers in 210+ Countries

* Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN

* No Multi Logins

* Download (29.5mbs) Upload (25.4mbs)

* 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

Rank: #6


Per Month

* 550+ servers in 49+ countries

* 6 Simultaneous Connection

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* Download (32.5mbs) Upload (28.4/mbs)

* Get 50% Discount COUPON ( 50off )

Rank: #7


Per Month

1200+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

Rank: #8


Per Month

* Unlimited data

* Tunnel on any 5 computers or mobile devices simultaneously

* Browse privately 24/7

* Block website trackers

Rank: #9


Per Month

* Servers in 11 countries

* iOS & Android apps are available

* No live chat available.

* No multi-logins available

* Available for desktop & mobile

Rank: #10


Per Month

* 30+ Locations

* Unrestricted Bandwidth

* Unrestricted Date Transfer

* All Protocols

* 3 Device Connections

Using a VPN UK for Torrenting

In the United Kingdom, copyright infringement is one area that’s being exclusively looked after by the ISPs. So in case you are digital pirate and often find yourself downloading your favorite movies via Torrent, making use of a reliable VPN to hide all your digital footprints is definitely essential if you want to remain out of the scope of government agencies for possible copyright violation.

The Need for UK VPN Servers

Since British citizens mostly require using online services which are local to the United Kingdom, it is important that the VPN provider they choose has servers inside the British Isles. This way, you’ll still have the ability to hide all your data from the ISPs whilst using websites based in UK such as ITVHub, BBC iPlayer, or 4od.

I hope you found the information in this article useful and are confident to choose a suitable UK VPN for yourself. Make sure that you choose a VPN that fills all the criteria discussed above so you can conveniently join the privacy enabled and uncensored version of the World Wide Web.

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