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Best VPN for Skype 2017

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Skype has established itself as an increasingly popular service through the years. In fact, whenever you hear VoIP, Skype is one of the first things that come to your mind.

However, just like any other good thing in life, there’s a downside to this service. It has been unfortunately banned across several countries.

Wondering how to unblock Skype?

Well for starters, you will need a VPN service that helps you overcome the blockades on Skype.

Here I will help you find out the best VPN for Skype.

Top 3 VPNs For Skype

Rank: #1


Per Month

* 137+ Servers in 87 Countries


* 3 Multi Logins - AUTHOR CHOICE

* Download (34.5mbs) Upload (32.4/mbs)

* 256 Encryption Protocols

Rank: #2


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

* 3 Day Free Trial

* Cancel Anytime

* 700+ Servers Worldwide

Rank: #3


Per Month

* Unlimited Bandwidth & Speeds

* x5 Connections Allowed


* OpenConnect SSL Based VPN 

* TorGuard Stealth Proxy

* 1600+ Servers in 50+ Countries

* FREE 24/7 365 Support

Why Is Skype Banned In Several Countries?

This is a common question among many people. It isn’t difficult to understand Skype’s popularity as it enables anyone who has an Internet connection to communicate, video conference, and text with another Skype user. It was of course a bit flaky when it initially started off due to the fact that people during those days used Internet through dial-up connection. In today’s high-speed Internet generation however, Skype has effectively removed the need to pay for high cost telephone charges.

Of course, due to this, telecom operators that entirely relied upon telephone call charges, and high cost international calls in particular, to make profits were understandably horrified.

Additionally, most of the ISPs were quick to ban Skype, saying that it led to high bandwidth usage, even though Skype always suggests that it uses only a minimum amount of bandwidth.

The actual reason behind this ban became apparent when these ISPs started introducing their own VoIP services which charged fees. Madison River and ClearWire are common examples for people based in the US.

What Can I Do If Skype Is Banned In My Region?

It’s true that in most of the countries, the increasing demands of the customers and the market forces have forced ISPs to unblock Skype, this isn’t the case in many other nations.

Additionally, oppressive governments which don’t like the idea of their citizens getting free access to communicate with people anywhere across the world, have also been quick to block the service.

So what can be done if Skype is banned in your country?

Accessing Skype through VPN!

Despite the fact that it costs more, there simply isn’t a better way to overcome bans on Skype other than using the best VPN software.

How Does a VPN Unblock Skype?

With the help of a VPN for Skype, an encrypted Skype tunnel is established between the VPN server and the device that is running Skype. Due to this, no intervening ISP or government can see the data that is being transmitted, and as such, they are unable to verify whether Skype is being used or not.

The most convenient part is that you don’t have to sort out any Skype VPN settings, as all you need to do is start the VPN service you’ve opted for and you’ll be able to access Skype.

Are There Any Other Benefits to a VPN?

Apart from enabling unrestricted use of the popular VoIP service, a VPN also helps you secure all the Internet traffic on your device, while allowing you to bypass all other sorts of restrictions that have been placed on your Internet usage.

Simply put, any kind of VPN service will help you unblock Skype. While most of the VPN services previously had a limited amount of server locations, nowadays most of these providers boast servers across up to a hundred countries!

Thanks to this, you can connect to any VPN server which is physically closest to you, and as such, you won’t have to compromise on the speed.

All in all, I definitely recommend you to choose a decent VPN to unblock Skype straight away!

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