Best VPN For Mac OS X

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Best VPN For Mac OS X

People use Apple Mac computers all over the world thanks to the stability their operating system offers. Nowadays, Mac OS as well as iOS users who wish to have digital anonymity, privacy, and neutrality, often wonder what is the best VPN software for Mac? In this article, I’ll inform you about all the important aspects you need to consider before getting a VPN for Mac OS X.

10 Best VPN For Mac

Rank: #1


Per Month

* 137+ Servers in 87 Countries


* 3 Multi Logins - AUTHOR CHOICE

* Download (34.5mbs) Upload (32.4/mbs)

* 256 Encryption Protocols

Rank: #2


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #3


Per Month

* 1600+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

* Unlimited Speeds

* Unlimited Bandwidth

* 50+ Countries

* FREE 24/7 365 Support

Rank: #4


Per Month

* 3 Simultaneous Login

* 200,000+ IPs

* NAT Firewall Included

* VyprDNS Included

Rank: #5


Per Month

* Fast 880+ servers in 210+ Countries

* Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN

* No Multi Logins

* Download (29.5mbs) Upload (25.4mbs)

* 30-Days Money Back Guarantee!

Rank: #6


Per Month

* 550+ servers in 49+ countries

* 6 Simultaneous Connection

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

* Download (32.5mbs) Upload (28.4/mbs)

* Get 50% Discount COUPON ( 50off )

Rank: #7


Per Month

1200+ Servers

* Torrent/P2P Allowed

* 24/7 Support

* 5 Multi Logins

Rank: #8


Per Month

* Unlimited data

* Tunnel on any 5 computers or mobile devices simultaneously

* Browse privately 24/7

* Block website trackers

Rank: #9


Per Month

* Servers in 11 countries

* iOS & Android apps are available

* No live chat available.

* No multi-logins available

* Available for desktop & mobile

Rank: #10


Per Month

* 30+ Locations

* Unrestricted Bandwidth

* Unrestricted Date Transfer

* All Protocols

* 3 Device Connections

Why Is It Necessary to Install VPN on Mac?

Due to governments all over the world becoming more and more eager to spy on your browsing history, it is necessary that you do whatever you can to keep your data well protected. In such circumstances, a VPN for apple devices can provide significantly assistance in securing your device as well as your data. Apart from this a Mac VPN software can enable you to access any websites that have been blocked by your ISP or government. Plus, it also overcomes all sorts of geo-blocks, so you can access international services which might otherwise be restricted in your area (US Netflix is a perfect example).

The Growing Concern of Security in Apple’s Newest OS X

The latest OS X from Apple lets users avail visual and technical upgrades that have been made to the platform. Unfortunately, even though Mac users have praised the platform for its usefulness, it is true that a few vulnerabilities can be found in the new OS X that are bound to put your security at risk.

Out of the two main threats which Mac users commonly face, one that you must address is the issue with the Keychain app from Apple. This app keeps your essential information such as passwords easily accessible and secure. However, an issue has been identified with the new OS X’s build which hackers and cybercriminals can take advantage of.

As such, you need to find out more about this issue and keep yourself secured. Needless to say, even after getting an OSX VPN, make sure you stay updated regarding this problem.

Overcoming the Security Threats with the Best VPN Client for Mac

Fortunately, the vulnerabilities causing security threats in Mac OSX can be fixed conveniently. With that being said, an OSX server VPN goes a long way in protecting you and your data from any government spies or cybercriminals who are out there to steal it. All you need to do is figure out the OSX VPN setup and install it immediately.

I’ve mostly discussed the privacy and security matters with Mac OSX in this article, but I do understand that a few users are more concerned with accessing geo-restricted content so they can unblock services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or any geo-blocked sports competitions. It goes without saying that a Mac OS X VPN can be helpful in this regard as well.

Nonetheless, always remember that investing in a VPN service is better than getting your data stolen or spied upon. I hope this article will help you make a better decision.

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